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The theme for the challenge is "Eat Ghana cuisine (campaign), the role of Chefs", our objective is to explore Ghanaian cuisine while creating awareness of creative ways to use local ingredients in new ways, culinary innovation and basic kitchen skills development.

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Ghana picks silver at HAAPI 2017

Ghanaian Chefs who participated in this year’s All African Ibizo HAAPI Food festival made Ghana proud by winning a silver medal. About 10 chefs were in South Africa for the All African Ibizo HAAPI Food festival. The 10 delegates comprised six Chefs and four students who represented Ghana in the competition. The challenge saw the crème de la crème of each countries’ Chefs going head on in preparation of their authentic countries’ cuisine presented in a modern, exciting, gourmet way. Born out of the passion and love for people within the hospitality and tourism industry, HAAPI festival in its...

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