Our National Executives

Meet Our National Executives

Chef Isaac Sackey

President Statement

I am very grateful for the opportunity give to me and the national executives to position Ghanaian chefs in the world. As a professional chefs we would combining our efforts to make sure current and next generations in Ghana have access to sufficient, healthy, tasteful and divers food. Our mission is to Inspire, educate, activate and position chefs as change agents for issues surrounding their food societies for sustainability and food security. We can accomplish these goals through the transfer of knowledge, dedication and commitment towards the development of skills and the up-liftment of individual’s member and also to be the leader in professional and personal development for the culinary Arena, while promoting current culinary techniques and preserving the history and skills of our craft Chefs and cooks can highly influence what and how people eat and can therefore help societies with sustainable diets, new regional purchasing channels and apply new healthy cooking techniques. I hope those ideas can help to change the current situation in food and nutrition, security, sustainability and strengthen cultural values and food traditions. We hope you want to join a gastronomic approach and help us with new ideas to broaden our scope and realize new visions. Thank you

Chef Joseph Wilson Tetteh

Vice President

Chef Eva Ntifua Addo

National Secretary

Chef Enock Lovett Okery

National Treasurer

Chef Jove Ansah

Program Director